Membership Principles


CCCF enjoys the benefit of Exemption Certificates for caravanning and camping purposes which removes the need to obtain planning permission or a site licence to hold rallies. In order to obtain these Certificates we had to first supply DEFRA with a Code of Conduct and a copy of our Constitution and Rules, which they have approved, and with which they expect all members to comply. 

All members are expected to maintain an exemplary standard of camping and personal conduct at all times, with due consideration being given to others, whether they are members or not. So whilst enjoying the countryside and participation in recreational activities, members are expected to observe the current versions of the Caravan and Camping Codes, the Country Code, the Water Safety Code and the Coastal Code. If any discredit is brought on the Fellowship then the member concerned may have their membership withdrawn, suspended or not renewed. 

Pets are to be kept under strict control and, with the exception of Registered Assistance Dogs, not be taken to meetings. The only drugs permitted on site are those prescribed by a registered Medical Practitioner or over the counter medication. We expect that any persons who smoke should do so only on their own pitches or off‐site and not in meetings or other communal areas. Similarly being under the influence of alcohol is not appropriate. The National Committee are concerned that the Lord Jesus is not dishonoured therefore members should maintain the highest standards of behaviour at all times. 

We uphold the Biblical standard of marriage in that it is God's plan for a man to marry a woman (Genesis 2), for their mutual joy (Jeremiah 33) and, by God's grace, the upbringing of all children in the family. It follows that 'common law' marriage and same gender partnerships in a 'marriage setting' are contrary to our understanding and belief. 

Our Basis of Faith

We believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We acknowledge the sinfulness of man and his need for a Saviour in Jesus Christ who died as a sacrifice for our sin and rose again in victory over sin, death and the grave

We believe in the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God, profitable for doctrine, discipline, instruction and action.