Fun and Games
Afternoons from 2.00pm | Sunday - Friday | Various Locations

As always, we will do our best to bring food, fun and festivity to SBHR. Throughout the week there will be various fun activities to participate in which entertain all the family, including:


Family Fun Night

A good way to both make new acquaintances and reconnect with old ones on the first Saturday night; with a variety of different games to complete in teams, this night promises to bring lots of laughter, frolics and fun.

Messy Church

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of Messy Church, it’s church for all ages based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. For CCCF, that means craft, games, a short talk, songs and a bite to eat. Last year we explored the story of Jesus calming the storm to help us think about how we live in the presence of God.  As usual we had some messy activities involving paint, and we made sea shakers, wave streamers, paper boats, as well as magnetic fishing games. We also made some boat cupcakes, which looked a bit blue but were really very tasty!

There will be a short talk about the Bible passage followed by a song, drink and blue cake! This year, we will be tying into the main theme for the week of ‘The Power of the Cross' by investigating the story of Zacchaeus. So watch out for lots of tree-related activities this time...

Village Tea and Competition

The Village Tea and Competition are designed to help provide the opportunity for people to get together in their villages (all pitches at SBHR are allocated to different ‘villages’) to eat and partake in a group activity. Each village is allocated village hosts who organise the village activities, as well introduce you to people, inform you about the events taking place and deliver your daily newsletter.

On Sunday afternoon/evening, there will be a Village Tea; whether a BBQ, bring and share, bring your own etc. Speak to your group hosts and they will let you know exactly what is needed and how you can contribute (or if you have a talent in this area, feel free to offer to help organise as I’m sure your hosts will be very grateful!). If you want to cook together, it would probably be helpful to have several different ovens or BBQs on the go, and then just make sure you bring a table and chair, a plate and an appetite! The Village meals have always been a great opportunity to meet everyone camping and caravanning around you and it is always really good to see people getting together, whatever the weather happens to be doing!

During the meal is an ideal time for each village to start thinking about and coming up with a plan for how they are going to tackle the annual Village Competition. This year the theme is going to be ‘Messing About on the River’, seeing as we will be located a stone’s throw from the river Avon. So you may want to have a think about this before you come on holiday and bring along some useful materials/props. As always, the winning village will earn a chocolaty prize, as well as bragging rights of being the most artistic and creative village. The Bank Holiday Monday late morning/early afternoon will be set aside to create these masterpieces which will be showcased and judged at the start of the afternoon fete.

Fete Games and Tea Dance

During the Monday afternoon there will be lots of different fete games available for all the family to get involved in. There will be an element of competition for some games, whereas others will simply be for pure enjoyment. The list of games and activities includes; a bouncy castle, face painting, a treasure hunt, craft, Doughnut Drop, Gunge Grab, Bell Ladder, Pairs, Splat the Rat, Hook a Duck, Balloon Stomp, Coconut Shy and the popular slippery log (plus many more).

For those who like a more sedate pace of life, this year will see the introduction of a Tea Dance during the games, accompanied by some good old-fashioned crooning. Whether you like to dance, or just enjoy listening to the old hits, this should provide a relaxing activity amidst all the hustle and bustle of the fete games.

Hog Roast and Barn Dance

As the fete games start to wind down, a Hog Roast (accompanied with salads and cakes) will be served from late afternoon into the early evening, leading on to a night of music and dancing with our very own barn dance caller, Frank Heggs.

Table Top Games

Are you the Queen of Uno? Or maybe the King of Jungle Speed? Or perhaps you are a world champion at Ligretto? On the Tuesday afternoon there will be a table top games event where you can bring along your favourite games, be introduced to new games and test out how good your Mancala skills really are…

The Golden Boot

The Golden Boot team competition on the Thursday afternoon will include all of the old favourites from days gone by (as well as a few caravanning and camping related games) - egg and spoon race, sack race, 3 legged race, Wang your Welly, Aquaroll slaloming, plus our favourite toilet roll race, and a few new ones to keep you on your toes! Be prepared to get wet though, some games make abundant use of water...

Family Quiz Night

At CCCF we like to do quizzes a little differently, so ditch your Trivial Pursuit, get out those Lego pieces and come join us for a quiz unlike any you’ve ever experienced before…

5-a-side Football Competition

Always a closely-fought, good-spirited competition that provides a bit of excitement at the end of the week. If you fancy putting a team together, or joining in with one, then just make sure you bring some suitable clothing and footwear.

Other activities

As well as all the above, there will be plenty more activities to get involved with during the week, such as a bonfire, film night and a day trip off site, so keep an eye out for these in the programme once you get on site.