SBHR 2017

The Spring Bank Holiday Rally was held this year at Red Hill Christian Centre, Snitterfield, Stratford. The weather was generally very good but we did have the customary showers on Bank Holiday Monday!

One rallier wrote ….

"There was a lovely atmosphere around the whole place this year, which even the dampness of Monday afternoon didn’t spoil. It probably wouldn’t really feel like SBHR if it didn’t rain a bit anyway. We enjoyed all the photos posted on Facebook, both the official CCCF ones and those posted by friends. We got the impression that everyone else was having just as good a time as us. Snitterfield never fails to provide beautiful sunsets - there seems to be so much sky.

It was great to see so many children and young people enjoying the holiday. All the groups were really well led. John Hardwick’s Family Service was brilliant. He managed to cram in so much teaching, but in a totally accessible and fun way, and made us a bit jealous we didn’t fit into the age group to be in his meetings every day. He reminded us we’re in the biggest family on the planet. It was great to see friendships being formed all around the site. The Youth presented a great evening meeting, and we were sorry to miss the Sprite service later in the week, although we heard great reports of this one too."

As always, lots to do and plenty of time to relax.

Secure your pitch for next year, details of the venue and the programme are already being discussed
and will be released soon.